Group Health Coaching

If you’re anything like me, you desire a healthy and active lifestyle. You know the things you should be doing, but actually following through and sticking with the right choices is so hard. It can leave us with low energy and feeling frustrated that we haven’t taken the next steps to build those lasting habits. Group Sessions provide an instant community of others who have similar goals and struggles and the accountability you need to make lasting changes. Get tailored support from a certified health coach at a really affordable price.  As your health coach, I’ll be right there with you offering guidance on healthy practices and encouraging you every step of the way!


Each time we meet we’ll hang out for 1.5 hours. I’ll provide some education around various wellness topics, and we’ll have time for group discussion around these things. Struggles, celebrations, and everything in between, we will walk through the next 8 weeks together as each other’s built in support and accountability system.


Step 1: Fill out the simple form below before March 31st and I’ll connect with you within 48 hours to confirm your spot. I’m intentionally keeping these groups small, so be sure to sign up because space is limited! The price is $50 per person, but if you sign up with a friend you’ll get $5 off!

Step 2: We'll meet every other week. During each session, you'll get expert insight into balanced healthy habits, a supportive group discussion, and practical resources to help you implement your goals.

Step 3: In between sessions, we'll stay connected through an ecouraging private Facebook group, emails from me, and texting.

Step 4: Throughout the course of the four sessions, you'll be able to create and accomplish your health goals!

I designed this class to be a kickstart in your pursuit of truly accomplishing your health goals. In a supportive environment with others on this journey with you, you’ll have everything you need for health to not just feel like a chore. Don't stay stuck in the same cycle of lacking the follow through on your wellness goals!  This class could be the catalyst to healthy lifestyle changes that you’re looking for!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 4 group sessions over 8 weeks

  • 1 individual session with me

  • Meal planning guides

  • Goal setting strategies

  • Healthy snack ideas with each session

  • Discover an exercise routine that fits your personality and schedule

  • Support in a private Facebook community

  • Text and email support

    All of this for $50 per person. Or, if you sign up with a friend by April 1st, you will both get $5 off!

Sign Up Below!

Sign up closes on March 31st so make sure you reserve your spot today! If you’re interested in signing up but are on the fence, fill out the form below and let’s talk through your questions!

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