Kind Words and Client Success Stories

Sarah is one of the most authentic and encouraging people I know. As a coach, she listened with empathy in a way that made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the things I was struggling with, and she gave me tangible, practical, and easy ways to implement my health goals. Working with Sarah gave me the support I needed when I needed it. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Allie
With a world of social media and fad diets, the average person has lost sight of what it is to be comfortable eating. What is “right” or “wrong” and everything in between. Sarah has a unique, raw, honest way of encouraging people to eat in a healthy intuitive way. Her professionalism and welcoming demeanor allows her viewer to engage in a non-threatening “I can do this too” way. I encourage many of the people I get to teach to take a look at her Instagram and her story as I truly believe she has it down.
— Training with Tori
I have so enjoyed working with Sarah and highly recommend her! Some of the progress I’ve made since working with her includes feeling stronger and healthier, wanting to exercise, and seeing myself become stronger and more capable. In about two and half months I’ve also lost 2 inches in my hips, 1 in my waist, and 1 in my thigh as well as 10 lbs overall. For me, it took some time to start seeing results but now that I am it’s very motivating. Sarah was so great at helping me stay with it even when I wasn’t seeing results right away!

One of the biggest things that has helped me is having someone that keeps me accountable - it’s easy to change my mind if I’m on my own, but knowing that Sarah is there to hold me accountable to the plan I set for exercising, I look forward to it more and it’s harder to cancel. The other big thing is having someone who is excited in sharing in my progress. Sometimes when I’ve tried to get healthy in the past I feel like I’m bragging if I share progress with friends or family, but it’s very motivating for me to see the progress and to get excited about it - and even better to be able to share that with someone! Sarah does a good job of helping you figure out what you like to do, she focuses on growth and not just results, she’s kind and motivating without being annoying about it, and she’s open to answering any questions.
— Alex

Sarah first caught my eye before I even realized she was the same girl taking my corporate classes. On a personal level I loved her story of finding a sense of freedom from food, Learning to find long-lasting habits with regards to eating healthy foods and finding a way to make eating well budget friendly. She is approachable and honest, funny and sincere. I love watching her stories and post as she shares some amazing recipes and genuine love for a healthy lifestyle.
— Tori